About us

Dekar’s Documents is a translation agency based in Valencia, Spain.

From our base in sunny southern Europe, we’re keen to help our customers to grow, and we’ll support you in the capacity of translation partner wherever possible. Thus helping to save you time and work across (language) borders.

We’ll go the extra mile to provide you with a translation, conference interpreter or copywriter. This extra effort will be most evident to you, the customer, from the professionalism and dedication shown by each and every worker involved in our business. High priorities for us include quality, integrity and proactively seeking solutions—all of which manifest themselves in our way of working. We’ll contribute to your thinking process to achieve the best possible result.

We live and work in an electronic age where personal contact is becoming increasingly rare. And although here in Valencia we’re moving with the times when it comes to technology, we feel that the personal touch is an indispensable aspect of our communication with you as our customer.

So don’t expect dry communication from us but rather the ideal mix of expertise, experience and a personal approach.

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