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What else can we do?

Besides translations, we also provide a wide array of other services. Details can be found below.

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We have produced translations for such brands as:

Machine translations and post-editing

Machine translations don’t have the best reputation. Everyone will be familiar with the distorted translations that certain translation machines can spew out. Nonetheless, there are some translation machines that are getting smarter and smarter and the quality of the translations they produce is improving. Hence there are benefits of using them for translation, albeit in a controlled way and in the right context.

Using them will save on costs and ensure faster turnaround times for your translations. Machine translations are only suitable for certain kinds of text and language combinations. Consider in this regard texts that do not require a specific language style or that can be translated rather loosely. Post-editing is therefore a necessary component. This entails an experienced translator polishing a machine translation to turn it into a fluent finished product, whilst still ensuring savings on costs and shorter turnaround times.  

Proofreading and copy-editing

You’ve written your story, you’re more than happy with its content, but you still feel there’s something missing. That’s where we come in. Irrespective of the language, we’ll have a language specialist that can give you a helping hand. Your text will be scrutinized and polished in consultation with you.


You’ve got a ready-made translation, but the quality isn’t quite what you had in mind. The prudent choice would be to have that translation edited. We can subject the text to scrutiny, comparing it to the source text and polishing it in terms of language use and content where necessary.


You’ve got an idea, but are struggling to convey it in the right words. Or the formulation you’ve come up with doesn’t quite do justice to such a great idea. We work with first-class copywriters for whom creative tasks are their bread and butter, in any language you require. Together we will look at what you have in mind and set to work on it.


Translation is about the written medium, but there’s another side to the coin: the spoken word, i.e. interpreting. At Dekar’s Documents, we offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. A simultaneous interpreter translates what’s said whilst the speaker is speaking. For example, conference interpreters can be found manning special cabins, from which they relay what is said in the desired language over a headset. Cabins and equipment aren’t required for smaller gatherings, and a whisper interpreter can also be supplied, if need be.

Consecutive interpreting is the other form of interpreting. Consecutive interpreters allow the speaker to speak whilst they take notes. Once the speaker has finished, the interpreter will summarise what was said in the desired language. Sentence-by-sentence translation is also an option. Dekar’s Documents will be happy to liaise with you to identify a solution that best fits your needs.

DTP and design

A lot of translations are destined for publication. Examples include brochures, leaflets, books or magazines. The graphic processing of the electronic files for these can often prove tricky if exotic languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese or Japanese are involved. Your printing firm might not have all the right fonts or have any experience with the layout of texts that run from right to left rather than from left to right.

At Dekar’s Documents we have a desktop publishing (DTP) service. You supply your texts in plain text format and we’ll take care of the layout in line with your wishes. Another option is to provide us with InDesign files, for example. We’ll then deliver not only a first-class translation but also a neatly laid out InDesign file ready to be sent straight to the printing firm.

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