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Speed, precision and quality are of paramount importance at Dekar’s Documents. Whether you’re wanting a handbook translated into German, a document edited or a website rendered in Spanish, we have the requisite resources in-house. Together we’ll look for the right tone, the right translators and the right solution. We will work our socks off for you, but the desired result will be the product of cooperation.

We only work with the crème de la crème, the very best, most dedicated translators. They take pride in their work, are thorough and do not rest until they’ve found the perfect solution for the text they’re working on. Our translators know what they’re talking about, because we only work with native speakers. They have all the right qualifications, an intuitive feel for language and are well versed in every field. A knack for languages is, of course, a prerequisite, but our translators go well beyond being adept linguists. Looking for someone to translate a manual for a fridge? Then one of our technical translators will be the perfect person for the job. Annual report? No problem, as our translator will give it the right level of attention to detail and produce a meticulous translation.

We have produced translations for such brands as:


A sworn translation is one produced by a sworn translator. The finished product will be legally valid, as he or she is in the national register of sworn translators and interpreters (or a foreign equivalent thereof). As a minimum, a sworn translator needs to be registered with one court. A sworn translation can only be referred to as such once it has been supplied with a closing statement from the translator and then signed and stamped by him or her.

Examples of sworn translations include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Driving licence
  • Legal documents for court cases
  • Qualifications
  • Wills
  • Marriage certificate


English is the predominant language used for content in IT environments. Texts in this field are invariably aimed at a diverse target audience and your customers will all have their own wishes and requirements. Your message will also need to be crystal clear for those prospective customers who do not have a solid command of English.

Translations for the IT sector constitute one of the mainstays of Dekar’s Documents. Our translators know their way around the electronic world and have the expertise required to render your texts in your target language in impressive fashion. They’re best described as computer geeks with a serious aptitude for languages.

When it comes to translating IT texts, expertise isn’t a superfluous luxury. Such texts are a fully fledged discipline in their own right within the translation industry, and it goes without saying that there’s no room to make sacrifices in terms of quality, flexibility and persuasiveness. So if you’re looking for a translation for your app or website, then you’ve come to the right place.


Legal documents such as deeds, contracts, court rulings, annual reports or purchase agreements are all official documents that translators need to approach with the utmost care and precision. In that regard, legal and financial documents are pretty similar, irrespective of the language into which they’re being translated.

Flawless translation is particularly important in the case of legal and financial documents, because an incorrect term or a misplaced decimal point could make a huge difference. Our translators are trained not to make such errors, have years of experience and are alert to the kinds of issue that can arise when translating hardcore legalese or crucial annual reports.


Commercial flair isn’t just about creative writing. It requires insight into the new market, and the translator needs to have a feel for the subject matter, the language area and specific culture.

At Dekar’s Documents, our native speaker translators not only speak the language but also live and breathe the culture of your target group. They will manage to strike the right chord to optimally support your marketing aims. And that’s the secret to our first-class, efficient commercial and marketing translations. You choose the strategy and the process while we take care of the tools to effortlessly point your target group in the right direction.


A good technical translation is characterized by consistent use of terminology and knowledge of the subject matter, ensuring that the content remains readily comprehensible and logical in the target language. Which is why it’s important for the translator to have specific technical expertise prior to commencing work on a technical translation, above and beyond his or her sound command of the languages involved.

Our translators have acquired this expertise over many years of translating in a variety of fields and sectors, such as agriculture, market gardening, forestry, aviation, shipping, manufacturing, transport and logistics. A sizeable number of technical companies trust their texts to us because they are specifically looking for a translation agency that understands technology, in the broadest possible sense of the word. Each and every translator has a set group of customers for whom they translate. Thus ensuring that knowledge of your organization expands with each translation. The combination of our specific linguistic and technical expertise ensures that our customers return again and again to put technical translations our way.

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